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Who Am I?

Python ‘script’ for loading data to cBioPortal from DataHub. Also containing cBioPortal app.


We have three branches which are identical with deployment environment.

Folder ‘Docker’ holds python ‘app’ (data-loading ‘script’), Dockerfile and required files to build image for cBioPortal app.

These images are stored in Gitlab image repository. Tag policy is set as <branch>-<app>-<hash_of_commit>. With this policy we can identifies where and when was application/image built.


As for now, there is no cleaning job for this images. Also there needs to be settle up some “removing images policy”. !!!


Everything should be templates and jobs are only special configuration of templates.

  • Stages (master/beta/dev):
    • Build (manual) - Builds cBioPortal app image which is than used in cBiood API.
  • Deployment: Need to write (manualy) new image from build to API resources and deploy API.