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DataPortal - PDX Finder Merge

As we are not in charge of the development of PDX Finder, which is the core of the Data Portal, we have to carefully merge our custom changes into new releases of the PDX Finder to sustain new functionality. This is done by following steps:

  • creating new branch in the dataportal-sourcecode from the master

  • git checkout to this new branch

  • run git remote add <remote_name> <link_to_github_pdxfinder>, which adds remote branch to the local repository. The remote_name can be anything, it serves only for you to be able to distinguish from the origin branches.

Example: git remote add pdxfinder-v6

  • run git pull <remote_name> <name_of_the_commit> --squash, which will the remote branch and also squashes commits, so your commits are not lost.

Example: git pull pdxfinder-v6 43ed7a914e86a222dde1c363283e8e94d37fecf2 --squash

  • Resolve conflicts

Recommendation: use Atom editor (apt-get install atom)

  • Run git commit which will commit the changes up to your repository