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Data Portal

Serves as the entry point to the whole infrastructure. User needs to have registered account to be able to access the data. This can be done by multiple identity providers (Google, LinkedIn or ORCID). After user logs in, he can access the PDX models and filters them by different criteria. Furthermore, user is able to send the selection of his/her choice to the cBioPortal instance.

Data Hub

Data Hub is the middlepoint, which gathers, collects abd transfers data between the Data Portal and cBioPortal instances. Its main functionality is provided through REST API, which communicates with Data Portal and retrieves data from there. Some additional information, which are needed for proper populating of the cBioPortal, are stored inside the Data Hub image in the SQL database.

K8s - instances of cBioPortals

The Kubernetes framework is used for automatic deployment of custom instances of cBioPortal. This part of infrastructure hold two API which serves for demanding data and initialization of the cBP, alongside with the already running instances.