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DataPortal - installation

It is necessary to have a blank machine.

For more info about creating virtual machines using terraform, see Admin Documentation > Infrastructure

Installation process is provided by a GitLab CI/CD which use ansible to do necessary actions and install required software.

GitLab - DataPortal Group

GitLab - dataportal-docker-edirex-ansible

This ansible script clones the repository, sets permissions, makes sure dataportal directory exists, copies data for neo4j container, copies mellon files and ssl files and edits .env file in dataportal dir.

Next step is to start dataportal.

GitLab - dataportal-docker

For this action is used another CI/CD. It just runs git pull to get dataportal up to date and docker-compose pull and docker-compose up -d. Similar CI/CD is used in dataportal-sourcecode repo to re-deploy dataportal when some of the tree branches is edited.